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Site Preparation

Yard Leveling

A low spot running through this yard was the perfect place to run an electric wire without having to dig. However, to bury it we need to bring in fill. We placed septic tank risers and filled it to bring it up to grade with the rest of the yard.

Yard Leveling

Well Drilling Pad

This customer just had a dirt road in and out of her property located on the side of a mountain. She wanted to develop it, but there was no where for her well drilling truck to even park to begin to get her utilities in. We were able to clear and grade in a spot big enough for them to set up and get her dream home rolling.

Well Drilling

Foundation Excavation

When this cabin was built the customer hadn't utilized any waterproofing material or paint on the outside of the foundation. This allowed water to seep through the concrete. We were able to excavate almost all the way around the building without upsetting the bank too much to allow for the building to be treated.

Foundation Excavation

Retaining Wall

This project was done in conjunction with another contractor. They had been contracted to build a retaining wall to provide for more flat parking area on this mountain side home. We excavated the outline for the pilings to be set and the retaining wall to be set.

Retaining Walls

Concrete Mono-slab Preparation

When we arrived on this property it was just a raw piece of land. After some time and a lot of gravel it is now ready for the concrete mono slab to be poured. We were able to do everything for the customer with the exception of the concrete forms.

Concrete Slab Preparation
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