What experience do you have?

I went to school for heating and air conditioning, I am a general contractor and have been working on houses for 32 years. I also have trained as a helicopter pilot and have operated equipment for many years of my life. As a Marine I understand the importance of getting a job well done, give us a call to see how we can help you today.

What kind of equipment do you utilize?

At this time our business owns a mini excavator and a tracked front-end loader, however as skilled operators we are able to rent and operate any other equipment that could be needed on your job.

Should my utilities be marked before calling an excavation contractor?

In order to give the most accurate estimate, it is best if the utilities are marked so we can be 100% sure of where we are able to utilize a machine, and what must be dug by hand.

Do you grade and repair driveways?


Do you trench for utilities?


Do you demolish structures?


What land clearing services do you offer?

We offer brush clearing, tree removal, stump removal

Do you subcontract work for other companies and contractors?

Yes, while we are an independent business entity, we do subcontract or partner with other companies to be sure that each customer gets the best service at the most convince to them.