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Driveways and Parking Areas

Taking a raw piece of land and sculpting it to fit your vision for your future home is definitely our passion. See some of our previous driveway and parking area projects!

Driveway Extension

This customer had an existing driveway from the main road to the back of his property, but he needed some additional legnth to extend to his storage shed and future build site. We took steps to ensure this product would last in great condition by using underlayment to prevent the gravel from pushing down into and sinking in the dirt.


Driveway Refresh

This driveway was riddled with potholes, and ruts. While there had been some stone put down on it previously, it was in desperate need of being graded and additional material.

Vinny Drivew.jpg

Driveway Apron

The beginning of this driveway was referred to by the owners as their "pond". It was constantly wet and retaining water, becoming a deeper and larger hole every season. We were able to fill it up with reducing sizes of rock which will allow for drainage for years to come.

Vinny Apron.jpg

Driveway Pull Out

This customer's long windy driveway was almost impossible to pull down without going off the edge, especially if you drive a large vehicle or have a trailer. We widened out the corner to both allow for a wider turning radius, and additional parking space for their house guests.

Clayton's Pull Out.jpg

Whitefish Mtn Parking Pad

Customer needed some additional space for parking in their driveway. Adding this little slice of stone and compacting it now allows him to park his motorcycle here on the nice summer days we have.

Claytons Pad 2.0.jpg


Before we started this driveway was barely wide enough for one vehicle and overgrown with grass and weeds. After scraping up and removing the organics, the additional gravel was brought in, graded and compacted to allow for additional parking and two directional traffic.

Dorsey Widened.jpg

Whitefish Mountain Container Pad

We utilized rocks on the customers property to create a border. This area was then cleared of all organics, leveled, and material brought in and compacted to provide a level space for the customer to place a storage container.

Clayton's Pad.jpg

Turn Around

This customer had a long straight driveway that lead straight up to their garage. The width of the driveway was the same as their garage, which allowed no room for backing or turning once you were ready to leave. We added on a patch of gravel to the side to allow for a smooth, consistent, non muddy area to turn around year round.

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