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Land Clearing and Brush Mulching

Brush Removal

This customer lives in a a neighborhood that is in a densely wooded and remote. He had concern about unkempt woods behind his back yard, which stretched into common neighborhood area. Because of the density and proximity to his house there was a very real concern of a wildfire being able to run rampant from the brush and woods right to his house. With our drum mulcher we were able to remove the brush and thin out the existing tree's, while leaving the all large tree's and the majority of smaller ones, maintaining his privacy in his back yard.

Brush Pile Removal.jpg

Property Cleanup

These customers purchased an amazing rural property outside of Whitefish with the intention of renting it. However, from the time they purchased it until they came back to visit the grass and brush had gotten out of control. We were able to clean it up as well as haul away multiple loads of debris left by the previous owner.

Haskil Creek Mowing (2).jpg

Brush Mowing

With an incredibly wet spring the grass and brush has been growing out of control! This has created lots of habitat for mosquitoes as well as increased fire danger around peoples homes. We were able to get all of this field knocked down as well as mow the yard and brush around the house mitigating these issues for this customer.

Haskil Creek Mowing (6).jpg

Clearing View of Columbia Mountain

This customer purchased a gorgeous property just off the bank of the Flathead River, and while the view from their patio was gorgeous, it needed just a little bit of trimming up to realize it's full potential. It's going to be a great backdrop for his niece's wedding this summer.

Clearing View.jpg

Traffic View Clearing

The brush along the front of this property made it almost impossible to pull out safely onto this country road. We brought in our brush mulcher and were able to save the bushes while clearing up the view to provide a view for a safe distance to pull into traffic even with our trailer!


Riverbank Clearing

This gorgeous riverfront property has an amazing view of the Swan mountains, but unfortunately the brush had grown up pretty thick preventing easy access to the river and blocking the great view. We were able to clean up around the big tree's, leaving some shade but opening up that amazing view!

Church Slough.jpg
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