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Excavation and Landscaping, Hand in Hand

This customer contacted us after they recently purchased a home in Columbia Falls. They live in another state, but are excited to update this home just for them to eventually move back to the area where she grew up. They are having a new deck built in their back yard to enjoy the warm summer evenings and they requested us to prep the ground for them.

The closer this project got, the more opportunities the customers saw for their property. When the work day finally arrived we cleared the duff from all three yards of their town house. We then leveled the dirt, spread landscape fabric and brought in gravel to create clean, crisp walkways. Using pressure treated wood we built a barrier to hold the gravel in to the client's property and away from the neighbor's yard.

We left the property with gravel spread in the back yard to surround the deck when it is in place, the side yard fully graveled for a walk way around the building, and the front yard as a fully blank canvas for the customers to landscape to their own style.

Walk way between the customer's property and their neighbor

The finished project after we spread gravel for the customer's walk way

Landscape fabric below the gravel to prevent grass from frowing to maintain the pristine surface for longer

The final project to include pressure treated lumber as a barrier to contain gravel

The back yard, prepped and ready for the new back deck and privacy fence to be installed.

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