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A Flathead County liscensed septic installer

At Dirty Deeds Earthworks we have all the certifications, licenses and insurance required to be your one stop shop for your entire septic system. Let us help you plan it, order it, and get it installed all without having to work with multiple contractors. 

We stand by our work and take all the time and consideration needed to ensure that your system is installed and functioning properly to last for years to come!

Fall Septic

This customer hired us to trench for and install all of their septic system as well as the trenching for their electrical and waterlines. Their foundation of their future house is off to the right. The septic tank is just outside the trees on the right, and the leach field is a three-line system to achieve the required amount of absorption by the soil. We were able to trench their lines right through these gorgeous tree's, preserving their privacy from their neighbors, and the aesthetic they want for their future home, while installing a very functional and efficient system!


Septic on a Mountain

What this picture doesn't show you is the slope of the ground here. They barely had enough flat land to put their cabin on! Also, she is only feet from bedrock. This septic system had to be engineered specifically to be in shallower trenches due to the bedrock that restricted us from digging full depth. With the help of some septic engineers we worked out a system that is going to work just great to get some indoor plumbing into her cabin. 

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