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Excavation for the Family Pond

Updated: Jun 14

A gorgeous new construction property on the side of Flathead River needed a pond for some summertime relaxation and swimming. The new children that live on this property enjoyed lots of paddle boarding, and just straight up floating on this over the summer. Looking forward to many more stories over the summers to come!

This project started with a low spot in the middle of two house with a 'U' shaped driveway. The low spot was dug out some more and graded around the edges to create a smooth slope.

Prep for a pond, a smooth graded dip in the landscape waiting for next steps

Black liner was laid in the pond and the edges of each roll were sealed, preventing any water from seeping out into the soil.

A pond liner is used to prevent the water from soaking into the soil and to keep the pond clean

A shelf was then dug around the top of the pond to allow for pea gravel to sit along the top for an easy place to climb in or out of on the pond. The black liner was then buried to prevent it from pealing up, and pea gravel was brought in and spread. The dirt has been raked back to right along the pea gravel which will allow for grass or landscaping in the future.

The pond was then pumped full of water from Flathead River and now adds so much character to the property. This project was so satisfying to see how excited the customers children were over their very own low maintenance pool!

A crystal clear pond, ready for a summer dip

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